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Leverage the power of desktop applications that are designed to meet your business aspirations. Superfast, offline and compatible with existing computer infrastructure and data exchange limitations, our desktop apps offer numerous advantages. These are network-independent and specifically designed for the ship’s crew in a maritime environment. The applications are easy to use and assure high performance and efficiency. You can bank on these apps anytime as they offer adept security and reliability. The desktop apps are built with the latest technology and are easily compatible with any Windows operating system, right from Windows XP to Windows 10. These desktop apps make use of internal LAN and can run on all the computers onboard. The desktop apps are designed to interchange data with our cloud office end-user applications through the existing onboard e-mail systems. Though these apps do not depend on any network to function, however, if any network is available, they can exchange data with the office-end interface in real-time. We have stringent quality measures and these apps have approvals from safety and classification societies like Class NK, IR Class and Republic of Marshall Islands.


Our Product Range

Work-Ship - Work & Rest Hours Manager

Work-Ship is a dual Class & Administration approved work and rest hours software that complies with MLC 2006, ILO, STCW & USCG OPA-90 Regimes Worldwide.

Digimoor X7 - MEG4 data analysis solutions

Digimoor X7 is a versatile MEG4-compliant software that helps Management make data-backed decisions to order new ropes.

Audit X7 - Audit apps & analysis

Audit X7 is a paperless audit app that encourages proactive auditing including Behavioural Competency Assessment with management of observations, expense and complete fleet-wide analysis.

eMarine Academy - e-Learning Marketplace

eMA is the ultimate e-training marketplace on web and mobiles apps where the marine industry can improve its skills in terms of technical and business knowledge.

IMS X7 - Maritime Institute Management System

IMS X7 is a one-of-its-kind complete infrastructure management system for both post and pre-sea institutes and finds its use among the top maritime institutions of the country.

Customized Applications for You

We work closely with our clients to understand their business requirements and propose solutions that are tailor-made for them.


Our Product Range

Aqua 49 Web Street is a leading name in the maritime industry, offering customized software solutions since 2015. Just like a smooth sea never made a skillful sailor, we are innovation-driven and seek constant challenges to meet the ever-growing demands of the maritime industry. We are proud to have a veteran team and our key management has more than 100 years of combined maritime experience. We also have more than 10 years of experience in delivering software products to our esteemed clients from the maritime industry. We offer after-sales support and are available 24×7 for any form of assistance and believe in maintaining quality standards because that’s something we are known for. We are approved and certified by ISO 9001:2015, Class NK, IR Class, and Republic of Marshall Islands.

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At Aqua 49 Web Street, we work with a singular aim of delivering the best solutions to revolutionize the way the Worldwide maritime industry works. We follow a definitive approach of understanding user behaviour and adding our data-driven insights for the best outcomes. Our customers trust us because we provide top solutions that are a great match of the latest technology, unmatched services, and after-sales support. We understand the challenges that businesses face in the maritime industry. Through our range of product offerings, we aim to simplify the maritime operations. We envision a maritime environment where seamless operations are a norm and major thrust is on ensuring the safety of the crew.

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