Digitalisation in our Maritime Industry

People, around the world, benefit from the maritime industry despite not realizing it. On a daily basis, there are thousands of cargo ships that deliver various essential items of daily use besides other products. Maritime transport is especially important in growing economies due to their low transportation costs. Countries around the world rely a lot on maritime transport to buy and sell what they need to live and sustain. In many ways, the maritime industry can be considered as one of the pillars of trade and economy around the globe. The advent of technology in recent years has simplified the lives of human beings yet it has its own set of challenges. One of them is cybersecurity.

Irrespective of industries, having a foolproof cybersecurity system in place is very important. The maritime industry is no different as its technology and assets face a risk of getting attacked by hackers. In case of such an event, it could lead to security, operational and safety failures of both crew and the system. Attackers try every possible option to either corrupt, compromise or steal the proprietary data. This makes it very important for shipping corporations to have a strong cybersecurity system in place. It basically involves analyzing, predicting and communicating potential threats to avoid and mitigate possible attacks. All the stakeholders must be made aware of the potential risks in order to ensure secure operations and safety of the crew. This problem can be overcome with the increasing prominence of digitalisation in the maritime industry.

Despite being a traditional industry with mostly analog operations, the maritime industry is quickly beginning to realize the importance of technology. Modern technologies like IoT, Big Data, Data Analytics are helping shipping corporations understand the benefits of digitalisation. There is a heavy scope of competitive benefits and operational efficiencies. There are tremendous opportunities and disruption possibilities as well due to the entry of new competitors in the business. Digitalization can help the maritime industry through software solutions that are innovative. These can solve some of the teething issues faced by shipping corporations like battling rising fuel costs, increased transportation costs, reducing profit margins, etc.

The benefits of digitalization are plenty and have the potential to shape the future of the maritime industry for good. It can start right with the construction of ships, which can be done with composite materials and involve the right technology and digital systems at the development stage itself. Further, technology has the potential to make communications not only on the vessel but with other ships and also with people on the land an easy task. Besides these advantages, there are also other benefits like advanced navigation, better safety of crew and systems, and swift processing of cargo.

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